Dental Bridges in Montclair CA

Dental Bridges in Montclair California

Teeth loss is one of the major problems that troubles people of all age groups. A considerable amount of total population of the age group 25-35 in the United States suffers from teeth loss. The chances of teeth loss increase, as the person grows old. Several factors including decay, gum infection, trauma and aging lead to tooth loss. To counter such problems, many solutions have been developed in the field of prosthodontics. Dental bridges are among the preferred forms of teeth replacements. It is a fixed restoration which is comparatively more stable than dentures. Implants or natural teeth are used to support dental bridges. At Montclair Dental Office, we have a dedicated team working towards providing quality dental care. Dental bridges in Montclair, CA are one among our teeth restoration solutions. If you want to know how dental bridges can help restore your healthy smile, make an appointment and speak to our dentist.

Dental bridge – Types and Treatment

Dental bridge has one or two anchoring crowns that are fixed to one or more false teeth. The false teeth replace the lost natural teeth. The placement of dental bridge over natural teeth requires some portion of the teeth to be removed in order to make space for anchoring crown. Once in place, the dental bridge can last for about 10-15 years.

Depending on the tooth that needs to be replaced, there are different types of dental bridges.

Conventional bridge

A conventional bridge has two anchoring crowns fixed on either sides of false tooth/teeth. This type of bridge is mostly suitable for teeth which carry more load.

Cantilever bridge

These bridges are used to replace incisors. The bridge has just one anchoring crown fixed to false tooth.

Maryland bridge

These bridges have wings to support false tooth. These bridges are recommended to replace front teeth for cosmetic reasons since the wings can easily hide on the back of the natural teeth.

Unlike dental implants, dental bridges treatment process does not take much time to complete. There is no healing period for a dental bridge. During the first visit, our dentist thoroughly checks the oral health of patients. Gum disease, if found, should be treated. The placement of dental bridge requires teeth preparation. This is done with the help of local anesthesia. Small amounts of enamel layer of natural teeth are removed. The dentist then takes impressions of teeth and prepares a temporary bridge.

During the next visit, the dentist removes temporary bridge and cleans the area thoroughly. A permanent bridge, which is fabricated in the lab, is cemented over natural teeth. Our dentist spends time in explaining patients about taking care of oral hygiene. Patients should take care to clean underneath the bridge. Any accumulation of food particles in this area can lead to gum infection which may be hard to diagnose. Special types of floss are available in the market to clean fixed bridges.

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