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Teeth loss can have long-term effects on oral and overall health. A person with a few missing teeth looses confidence to eat hard food items. This can directly impact his/her nutritional intake. Teeth restorations are designed to aid patients with biting and chewing functions and improve the esthetics of the smile. Dental implants go a step further by protecting the supporting jawbone. They are the finest replacements for lost teeth, till date. Our dental implants in Montclair, CA have helped many of our patients by giving new life to their smiles. We have been successful in replacing lost teeth with restorations which are capable of lasting for decades. Make an appointment with our dentist to know more about dental implant surgery.

Dental implants – How do they work?

When a couple of teeth are lost in a row, the supporting bone resorbs because of lack of stimulation. This is an irreversible process which can hamper oral health and make the patient look old. There can be food lodgment in the gaps created from teeth loss, which can lead to gum infection. The teeth nearby tend to shift positions because of imbalance in the dentition from teeth loss. Dental implants can address all the above problems and restore good oral health in patients who are suffering from teeth loss.

Dental implant is a post made of metal or Zirconium. It replaces the lost tooth root. The dentist surgically places the implant in the jawbone. The implant is designed to integrate with the bone finely. The bone identifies the implant as a natural part of it. Since the implant prevents bone resorption, it can be considered as the closest replicate to natural tooth. An implant can last for many decades if proper care is taken.

Dental implants treatment procedure

Apart from few exceptions, such as people who are undergoing radiation therapy in the head region, almost any person get a dental implant, provided his supporting bone has sufficient volume to hold the restoration. The dentist checks the condition of the supporting bone and plans the position of implant after taking X-rays and scanning the dentition of patient. Once the treatment plan is set, the surgical placement of implant may require two dental visits.

During the dental implant surgery, a dentist uses a numbing agent and sedatives if necessary. A small incision is made in the gums and a bony recession is created in the jaws. The dental implants are torqued into the bone and the gums are sutured back. The dentist leaves the implant to heal for a period of few months.

The second phase of implant surgery involves taking impressions of the teeth and getting a dental crown fabricated in the lab. Porcelain or metals are used for the preparation of the crown. The restoration is fixed over the implant through an abutment. Once in place the implanted tooth is ready to take load (bite and chew food). After the surgery is complete the dentist explains patients how to care for the implanted tooth.







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