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Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth colored fillings are very popular in restorative dentistry because of their functional and esthetic advantages. The fillings are made of materials that adhere splendidly to the tooth surface. The procedure is less invasive; hence more of natural tooth is saved. Since the fillings positively influence the smile, they are known to be one of the finest cosmetic restorations available in dental medicine.
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The structural integrity of teeth is very essential to support biting and chewing functions. When a tooth is damaged or decayed, the dentist restores it using different types of restorations.

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Dental Crowns

A dentist’s ultimate aim is to protect natural teeth. Even when teeth are severely decayed or damaged, the dentist does everything to restore it using dental materials. Dental crowns have played a key role in restorative dentistry for many decades now.

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Dental Bridges

Teeth loss is one of the major problems that troubles people of all age groups. A considerable amount of total population of the age group 25-35 in the United States suffers from teeth loss.

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Sedation Dentistry

According to an estimate about one in three individuals in the United States have untreated tooth decay. American Dental Association points out at dental phobia to be one of the main reasons that keeps people from availing basic dental care. People may be fearful of receiving dental treatment for many reasons.

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