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Dental Onlays in Montclair California

The structural integrity of teeth is very essential to support biting and chewing functions. When a tooth is damaged or decayed, the dentist restores it using different types of restorations. Dental inlays and onlays are among the most widely used teeth restorations in dentistry. To understand how these restorations support biting and chewing functions, one should understand the structural anatomy of the natural tooth. At our dental office, our dentists use a number of dental materials and restorations to help improve the oral health of our patients. Our dental inlays and onlays in Montclair, CA have worked finely with many of our patients who suffered from teeth decay or tooth injury. Speak to our dentists to know more about how dental inlays and onlays can restore a beautiful smile.

Dental inlays and onlays – What are they?

There are different types of restorations in dentistry. Crown, implant, bridge and filling materials are to name a few. Dental inlays and onlays are restorations that replicate a small portion or a full cusp of the natural tooth. The onlays and inlays are fabricated accurately to perfectly restore the decayed or damaged tooth. Cusps are bumpy areas of the tooth surface that care load. Tooth decay, which usually starts at the pit of the tooth, can spread to the cusp to destroy it. Dentists recommend inlays and onlays to restore the cusp of the tooth. The onlays and inlays are fabricated in the lab and ready to use restorations.

Restoring tooth with dental inlays and onlays

During the first visit, the dentist thoroughly checks the decayed/damaged tooth. A numbing agent is used during treatment to make the process painless. The infected portion of the tooth is treated and the dentist carefully prepares the tooth to hold the inlay/onlay. The dentist takes impressions of the dentition and sends it to lab where the inlay/onlay gets fabricated. Porcelain or metals are used to prepare dental inlays and onlays. Porcelain can be fabricated to exactly replicate the cusp of a natural tooth. The dentist places a temporary restoration in place of the prepared part of tooth until the next dental visit.

During the next visit, the dentist replaces the temporary restoration with the final inlay/onlay. The dentist checks the fit of dental inlay/onlay before bonding it over natural tooth.

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