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Oral surgeries may sometimes be required to cure dental problems that cannot be addressed through non-surgical dental procedures. In the United States, there is a dedicated specialty under dental medicine for training and education of patients in the area of oral surgery. Some of the surgical processes are complex and dental professionals who are specialized in Oral Surgery can effectively perform these procedures. At Montclair Dental Office, our dental professionals take care of most of the dental requirements of both adults and children. We are happy to say you that our oral surgeries in Montclair, CA have effectively cured dental problems in many of our patients who are based in and around the city.

Oral surgery – When is it recommended?

There are a number of instances when an oral surgery may be recommended. The surgical process may have to be performed to remove tooth or some unwanted tissues from the oral cavity or to place a dental implant or when esthetic changes have to be made by surgically correcting lips, gums or teeth. Dentists who have vast experience and knowledge in the field of oral surgery can perform the complex procedures.

Oral surgery – What are the prerequisites and how it is performed?

The dentist generally strives to ensure that the treatment is painless. Local anesthesia and sedation dentistry play a key role in oral surgeries. The dentist firstly examines the condition of patient and makes a note of his/her medical history before administering sedation and anesthesia. During the surgical process, the blood pressure level, pulse-rate and other crucial medical factors of the patient are monitored to ensure safe treatment.

The dentist sets a treatment plan based on the requirement of the patient. For ex: the surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth may either be a conventional removal process where the tooth is pulled out, or a complex one where the tooth is cut into pieces before it is carefully removed from the oral cavity.

The dentist explains to patients how the surgical process takes place and provides the necessary guidance on after-treatment care to ensure quick healing. Patients should strictly adhere to the after-treatment care tips.

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