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The paramount aim of every dental care provider is to protect natural teeth. When infection threatens the existence of a tooth, the dentist takes necessary steps to ensure that the infected part is removed and the tooth is restored to shape. Root canal procedure is one such treatment performed to cure dental infection. It is recommended when a tooth is severely decayed or injured causing the infection of the pulp of the tooth. If you are having severe toothache or if there is a crack in your tooth, make an appointment and speak to our dentist at the earliest. Root canal treatment is one of the dental procedures performed at our Montclair, CA office to protect natural teeth and enhance the oral health of our valuable patients.

Root canal treatment – The need

A tooth basically has an enamel layer, dentin and a pulp. The pulp that has blood vessels and nerves is at the core of the tooth. When a tooth gets decayed or damaged, there are chances that the pulp gets exposed to bacteria. This leads to inflammation and infection of the pulp. The condition can cause severe toothache. If left untreated the infection can spread to the roots of the tooth and continue to reach other teeth.

During root canal treatment the dentist removes the infected pulp and fills the area with appropriate materials. This protects the tooth from the danger of falling out and prevents the spread of infection.

Root canal treatment procedure

Our dentist performs thorough examination of the tooth and takes X-rays to check if the pulp is infected. If the results show positive sign of pulp infection, the dentist discusses the procedure with patient and plans a treatment. Local anesthesia and sedation dentistry may be required during root canal procedure.

Firstly the dentist uses dams to isolate the infected tooth from nearby teeth. The tooth is drilled and the pulp is removed using dental instruments. The canal is carefully cleaned to remove the bacteria that cause infection. The dentist goes on to fill the area with core build-up material and dental fillings. Finally, the tooth is restored using a crown which provides it proper functional support. The dentist provides pain medicine and recommends the necessary post-operative for quick healing.

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