Sedation Dentistry in Montclair

Sedation Dentistry in Montclair California

According to an estimate about one in three individuals in the United States have untreated tooth decay. American Dental Association points out at dental phobia to be one of the main reasons that keeps people from availing basic dental care. People may be fearful of receiving dental treatment for many reasons. For some it may be the sound of dental drill that causes the anxiety, while for others the thought of sitting in a dentist’s chair itself may cause stress. Our team makes optimum use of sedation dentistry in Montclair, CA to ensure patients are relaxed when being treated by our dental professional. Our trained staff takes care of every need of the patient during the treatment which guarantees a safe and effective procedure. Speak to our dentist about your anxiety and we can work towards making you feel comfortable during basic and complex dental treatment appointments.

Sedation dentistry – How it works?

Sedation is a process of using sedatives to keep a person relaxed. Sedatives do not reduce the pain during dental treatment but they help patients feel comfortable. The choice of a particular sedative depends on the level of anxiety exhibited by the person. Few patients may not need sedation at all or may require only mild sedative for basic dental procedures, while others may require a moderate level of sedation for the same. It varies from person to person. Following are the different levels of sedation in dentistry.

Mild sedation – Nitrous oxide is the most widely used mild sedative. The gas when inhaled gives a euphoric feel to patients. Patients can quickly recover from the process after the treatment.

Moderate sedation – Oral sedatives and IV sedation can be used for the purpose. The patient is conscious and can respond to verbal commands when under moderate sedation. Dentists monitor the pulse rate, blood pressure level and the respiration status when the patient is under moderate sedation. The recovery time depends on the type of sedative. The dentist recommends patients be escorted home by caretakers and observed for the next 6 hours after treatment. During this period it is important for patients not to work with any machinery or equipment.

Deep sedation – This is the third degree of sedation where the patient is in deep sleep. The patient may not be able to respond to verbal commands. IV sedatives and oral sedatives can help dentists achieve this degree of sedation. IV sedation where the sedative is directly administered to the blood stream is widely used because the process is quickly reversible.

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