The entire staff at Montclair Plaza Dental Group as fantastic. The entire staff is absolutely friendly and professional. I am not being sarcastic when I say that my wife and I love going to visit the dentist only because they make the experience as painless as possible and are, in our opinion, genuinely interested in their patients. Y'all are the best.

Alex Castellon

I love going here the staff know me and make it as less tense as they can.

Ashley Smith

For the first time in my life (50+yrs) I had a great experience in the dental chair without having to use twilight anesthesia just to pull a tooth! My dentist and the assistant were wonderful and patient. I totally recommended going.


The best dentist I have ever been to ! I'm terrified of going to the dentist but after my experience here I will defiantly be back the dentist made me feel so comfortable and pain free! and explained to me everything he would be doing. Would reccomend this place to anyone!

Raylene Banuelos

It was an amazing experience, all the staff members were really nice. I really liked it. I totally recommend this dental clinic.

Fany Nunez

The staff was polite, the facilities clean, and Dr.Nguyen is excellent at communicating what kind of care you need, what the options are, and is very kind in helping determine what works best for you.

Going to the dentist is something that no one enjoys, but my visit here was the best I've ever had. You are treated with respect from start to finish, and your comfort and health are the number one concern here.

Jake Olivas

went in on an emergency visit.. doc saw me right away.. NO WAIT.. i explained to them my pain was beyond manageable.. they xrayed me and treated me immediately.. if you ever have a bad tooth ache this is the place to go..!!!

ron carter

Dr. John Nguyen is the best. He is professional and "genuine". Very well trained staff proficient in quality of care. They all work very well together and that is reflected in the warmth of the atmosphere.

Nora Hunt

Dr Dave is the best!!!

Elizabeth Dunn

Dr. Dave is an excellent dentist. I was a walk in patient with no insurance and they took me right in. The staff is comforting and professional. The cost was exceptional I visited a few places listed on yelp prior to walking In, and don't regret my decision on this dentist.

I had a severe tooth ache the night before my visit, the doctor and staff assured me everything was going to be quick and painless. It was. I'm not a fan of the dentist (my last visit was probably 10 yrs. ago smh), and can say that I look forward to my next visit at this dentistry for more work. Thank you Dr. Dave.

T C.

The office opens at 8AM on most days so you can easily book an appointment and get to work without taking a day off.

Easy payment and consultation process along with a VERY reasonable bill with or without insurance. I didn't feel like I'm in a sales meeting, awkwardly obligated to buy unnecessary products and services at a premium.

Treatment is fast but not rushed and the entire team is punctual and friendly. You can expect to be in and out in the amount of time they've predicted (if you ask).

No fuss, no frill wisdom teeth removal. Once numbed up, the doctor got each tooth out in less than 5 minutes. No need to freak out if you're scared of getting your wisdom teeth removed -- I blame all of the viral videos.

Happy to have found a permanent dental office for all my dental needs.

Phuongngan B.

I walked in and Dr. Dave was able to see me. My front crown had been broken off which I thought would not be able to be put back in place since there was not anything to anchor the crown into, but this guy Dr. Dave, he knows his profession and he fixed what other dentists could not. In less than an hour I walked out their office with my smile back in tact.

Thank you Dr. Dave!!!!!!!!

David A.

Dr. Dave is very caring. He is professional and current on modern dental care needs.Very pleased with dental care

Pamela T.

Great dentists! I came here for the first time earlier this month after my tooth cracked and I was forced to go to the dentist

I've had some pretty horrid experiences with dentists in the past and kind of put off seeing a dentist for about a year and a half. I went looking around online for a good dentist and came across Montclair Plaza Dental Group & a solid amount of positive reviews. Well I gave them a shot and I'm so glad I did. The dentist, Dr. Vijay Patel explained everything thoroughly to me. He was gentle and I felt so comfortable with him! All the assistants and receptionist were all very kind and helpful also. It was a huge relief.

I definitely recommend this dental group to all of you fearful patients out there. I was very pleased & satisfied and will continue to see my dentist regularly now that I found one that I like.

Julie N.

Have been coming here for over 2 years and today I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Patel. I don't usually write reviews but I was beyond impressed on how he worked with his team. They were very kind, quick and efficient yet educational as well. Thank you Dr. Patel for by far the best experience I've ever had at the dentist!

Chantelly L.

Love this dental office! Very very clean and the assistants (Anna and Leo) are very nice and professional! They greet you by name and make you feel comfortable from the beginning of the dental adventure. And... Dr. Dave does amazing work! He is a perfectionist and very dedicated to his patients.

If you need a great dentist with amazing assistants in a clean and comfortable office.... Go here!!!

Karrie A.

They have a lot of patience here for children, especially my kid. They know how to deal with kids very well. Would recommend.

Iris J.

Dr.Patel is so amazing!! I had to have a root canal & was frightened when he did my procedure I felt NO pain at all & was falling asleep! He's so awesome I would totally recommend him!

Tierra N.

Today was our first visit and we've definitely found a dentist that we are sticking with!

Nice atmosphere, & very clean!

Leo (the receptionist) is literally amazing for squeezing us in on such short notice! She was very patient in helping me understand what exactly my daughter's medical covered. Jennifer the assistant was gentle and very reassuring during my daughter's X-rays & cleaning. Dr. Dave was very informative on my daughter's treatment plan, & even planned it out for the other Doctor! He was very attentive, and extremely comforting towards my daughter.

I would definitely recommend their services to everyone! Even to the point where, I called after we left to make an appointment for myself.

Stacy C.

I just started going here a few months ago since I moved to Montclair. I haven't been to the dentist for about 15 years and sure enough my teeth needed plenty work. I was always scared of the dentist due to traumatizing events when I was a kid and was always afraid to go back. I also didn't want to get scolded for not going like I already didn't know my teeth were in horrible shape, but I finally built up the courage to go get my teeth checked out. The last straw was me getting an abscessed tooth and having half my face swollen. I went here and told them my situation and they took me in right away. Got checked out and no scolding, no pain, nothing but happy smiles and jokes to make you feel at home. Never thought I could say that I had a great time at the dentist. Once again thanks for changing my perspective on dentist. Would recommend this place to anyone.

Danny G.

Dr Nguyen is very professional and gentle. Very clean office, plenty of parking and short wait time. My insurance covered everything and there was no co-pay. He did a deep cleaning and he was so gentle I didn't need anesthesia. He also gave me good dental care tips too. Unfortunately when I returned, they didn't accept my dental plan anymore, so I can't see him again unless I pay out of pocket.

Griselda G.

I love this place , their amazing customer service and how well they do with my kids. I have a 7 and 4 yr old the assistants are very detailed with the kids in what is being done to them which I love. Unfortunately my oldest had 2 different times where he had cavities and both times he was scared but was comfortable with the dentist and the assistants.The kids love the treasure chest and goodie bags! I now go there also years of avoiding the dentist because of a bad experience from another office and will now keep up with my checkups. They are the best with working with my crazy mom and kid schedule and love the reminder texts!

Rocio M.

Honestly who likes the Dentist visits right ?? I think very few people if that... well i was in today for a wisdom tooth extraction with no extractions ever in my life and i've always heard scary stories didn't really want to go thru this but i had to . I schedule my appt last week with Leo she is the front desk receptionist and even that was a great first impression she was very friendly and has good customer service skills. Finally the day came today i arrived to my appt and Ana Maria one of the Dr assistants did my panoramic XRays she is the sweetest lady i have ever meet in dr's office you can tell she loves what she does she was very nice about explaining my whole procedure, and of course saving the Best for Last Dr . Dave was Amazing to say the least , he completly change my prespective of what a dentist visit should be all about. I loved how i didn't even feel when he took my wisdom out and he was also very funny Awesome experience ,will definitely recommend this office to all my friends and family . Scheduling appt for my kiddos next!!

Cess D.

Update. Just had my annual today (Yes, I knows it's suppose to be twice a year). I made sure I had a different doctor this time. The gals that worked here last time were still here. They were great. I had an early appointment today and wanted to be seen before I headed to work. I was taken straight in without any problems. The dentist that saw me today was Dr Dave. He was very nice, very informative and easy to talk to. He took care of my cleaning and explained what he was doing and I was out within the hour. Leo, the dental assistant, was very friendly and great to work with too. I will be going back. And yes, I got a goodie bag this time.

Thank you for the renewed faith in the office.

David W.

Best dentist ever! Thanks Dr. Dave for removing all my cavities! Staff is amazing, very friendly, helpful, and attentive. Thank you everyone!

Laila C.

First time going to this dental office. I was happy from the front desk experience to the back office girl. Dr Zuniga was amazing kind and patient with my son. I think we found a new dentist we r keeping.

Gaby M.

A nice environment with nice, professional, and funny people. Best dental care in Montclair if I say so. Dr. Dave Srikureja is one of the best people I've met!

Ive K.

amazing place to get treatment. staff is nice and very helpful. I went in for an orthodontic consult now I'm doing clear correct and I love it it's easy and practical and it's all thanks to Dr. Dave

Liz R.

Dr. Srikureja did a fantastic job. Did not feel any pain when he was working on my teeth. He fixed my front tooth that had a chip in it and now both front teeth look almost identical! The hygenists and receptionists were also fantasic and did a great job!

Kirsten D.

The office is very clean and the ladies are very nice and professional. Dr Dave Srikureja is very good at his job. He takes his time and attention to detail. He makes going to the dentist a pleasant experience. He is very good at making the procedures painless. I couldn't even tell that I was getting the injections to be numbed. I have seen him several times now and will continue going back. Thanks Dr. Dave!

Lauren C.

Dr.Nguyen is as good as it gets. He is a perfectionist that pays attention to detail not only to his work but even to the feedback you give him.

I was impressed with his work ethic and attitude.

The staff was friendly and the office was clean and very peaceful.

I had two different late Friday appointments.

Completely restored my confidence in dentist.

Jonathan G.

Let me tell you: I hate going to the dentist. I have always dreaded it since I was young. Most of the dentists that I've been to were a nightmare. They always left a bad taste in my mouth (figuratively speaking). However, one dental place is an outlier; that place is the Montclair Plaza Dental Group.

I went here to get my teeth cleaned. My teeth were tended to by Dr. Nguyen. He is outstanding. While working on my teeth, he tried his best to make pain minimal--he was not rough when compared to other dentists I've been to. Periodically, he asked whether I feel any pressure or pain. His consideration for your comfort shows that he cares for his patients. This makes him seem like a very genuine dentist; he does his best to take care of you.

I found my favorite dental place! Seriously, this place is like dental heaven. Go here if you want excellent dental care.

Peter N.

I was terrified of going to the dentist because of past bad experiences. Everyone was very understanding and nice. Dr. Nguyen made me feel much better. I have a high tolerance and it takes a lot to numb me. I went back the next day and got nitrous oxide to calm my nerves for the sedation to even work. Dr. Patel made sure I felt no pain before doing the work. Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Patel are wonderful. I finally found a dental group that I can trust to take the best care of me and would definitely recommend them to anybody.

Annette V.

Had a great experience here!! Dr. John Nguyen is the best! He is very educated, patient, and gentle. He answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable. Highly recommended!

W D.

Dr. Nguyen went out of his way to make my visit as comfortable as possible. He periodically asked me throughout the appointment how I was doing. Dr. Nguyen even asked me what music I like and put on the Plain White T's for me. My insurance company made a mistake and gave me this office, not caring that I live near Santa Monica. The staff went out of their way to complete my dental work in one visit, so I didn't have to come back again and drive another 40 miles each way. Plus, I got to wear some awesome utility glasses, as to not get tooth gunk in my eyes. :) If I lived within 10 miles of the place, I would definitely go back.

Jessica L.

Montclair Plaza Dental is a clean, up-to-date, friendly facility. Dr. Nguyen was very patient and explained clearly my dental plan. As a bonus, they played Michael Jackson songs during my appointment.

Hymie H.

I just started going here a few months ago since I moved to Montclair. I haven't been to the dentist for about 15 years and sure enough my teeth needed plenty work. I was always scared of the dentist due to traumatizing events when I was a kid and was always afraid to go back. I also didn't want to get scolded for not going like I already didn't know my teeth were in horrible shape, but I finally built up the courage to go get my teeth checked out. The last straw was me getting an abscessed tooth and having half my face swollen. I went here and told them my situation and they took me in right away. Got checked out and no scolding, no pain, nothing but happy smiles and jokes to make you feel at home. Never thought I could say that I had a great time at the dentist. Once again thanks for changing my perspective on dentist. Would recommend this place to anyone.

Danny Gonzalez

The staff is amazing and Dr. Dave isn't too bad! 😂😂😂. Seriously, my experience here is AWESOME!!!

Trish Park

Thank you Dr. Patel for your twenty eight years of excellent service. Thanks to you I still have all 32 teeth in my mouth at 58 years of age.

Arleen M

My family and I enjoy the fantastic service. Everyone is very courteous and friendly. They are excellent.

Elva G

I am very happy with the response to emergencies. My dentist is always able to help me.

Gwendolyn L

I have been a patient at Montclair Plaza Dental for over 15 years. I am honored to say that the Doctors and office staff are the most professional people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I would recommend Montclair Plaza Dental with great pride.

Lula D

They provide great care. My teeth have never looked of felt better. Dr. Patel did the best job in my cosmetic dentistry. Better than lumineers. Highly recommended office.

Lynda V

I have been coming to Montclair Dental since 1984. I would recommend them for all ages of dentistry. They work with you every possible way to save your teeth and keep your gums and teeth healthy.

Patricia M

Very good service and polite staff. They seem to really care. Every time I walk in they have a smile. I am happy to go in.

Phillip G

What a wonderful dental practice. Calm relaxed atmosphere, friendly efficient staff, and best of all a superb doctor. Dr. Patel is a gentle, caring doctor who is sensitive to his patients needs, making every dental procedure a unique experience.

Tanzim A

Dr. Patel and his staff are "state of the art" professionals. I had 13 veneers put on in June 2009. I could not be happier with the results! Dr. Patel truly cares about his patients and his profession. His staff is one of a kind, everyone there does an exceptional job. I have been a patient since 1991 and I am grateful to be one of his patients.

Valerie Del Monte

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