Dental Concerns Montclair, CA

Maintaining a good daily oral hygiene routine and visiting the dentist at least twice a year can protect your smile from dental health concerns. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy through preventative dentistry helps support long-term oral wellness and promotes a better quality of life and boost in self-confidence.

Dr. Srikureja, Dr. Patel, and our entire dental care team help our patients understand their oral health through age-appropriate patient education. We take the time to discuss your cosmetic goals and oral concerns in order to build a comprehensive overview of your smile. We combine state of the art dental technology, personalized consultation and thorough oral health exams to build tailored treatment plans to maintain and enhance your oral health.

Dental Concerns & Your Oral Wellness

No matter how minor a dental concern may seem it is important to address it as soon as possible. Common dental issues such as cracked or crooked teeth often trigger secondary dental health complications when left untreated. Patients who maintain the health of their smile through routine and preventative dentistry are less likely to develop complex dental concerns such as tooth or bone loss.

Common dental concerns include:

Montclair Plaza Dental Office provides a full range of dental services for the treatment of common and more complex dental concerns. Tailored treatment plans address underlying functional issues providing patients with lasting oral health and beautiful, comfortable smiles. Call our Montclair, CA dentist office to request your personalized consultation at 909-281-3624 or request an appointment online.