Tooth Cavity Montclair, CA

Cavities are the most common dental health concern and affect patients of all ages.

dental cavity tooth decay treatment routine dental care montclair caBacteria feed on sugars and food debris that get trapped between teeth. Bacteria multiply and spread when not controlled with good oral hygiene. Tooth decay occurs when the acidic byproduct left behind by oral bacteria wears away the protective tooth enamel leaving the tooth structure susceptible to infection.

Caught early tooth decay can be easily treated with a routine dental filling. If left untreated, tooth decay will progress and can lead to the need for a root canal or a tooth extraction.


Dental cavities are most commonly caused by a lack of good oral hygiene.

Tooth decay can usually be prevented. Good at home oral hygiene and routine dental health exams with your Montclair Plaza Dental Office dentist can help keep your teeth healthy and cavity free. Biannual dental health exams are the best way to prevent the progression of tooth decay. Regularly schedule oral exams allow for early diagnosis and intervention. In between your six-month exams and professional dental cleanings twice daily brushing and flossing are key to maintaining your good oral health.  Brushing and flossing thoroughly and adequately removes the daily build-up of debris and helps to control the spread of oral bacteria.

Practicing good oral hygiene and visiting the dentist on a biannual basis decreases your risk of developing tooth decay and associated secondary dental concerns. Patients with high rates of tooth decay are more prone to developing gum disease, and tooth loss.

A healthy diet low in sugar can also help to prevent tooth decay. Diets high in sugar can increase rates of tooth decay. If you do partake in an occasional sugary drink or snack, be sure to brush your teeth immediately after to prevent the build-up of sugary residue on the surfaces of your teeth.