Cosmetic Dentistry Montclair, CA

Achieve the smile you have always wanted with cosmetic dental solutions from Montclair Plaza Dental Group. 

Dr. Patel and Dr. Srikureja are highly trained cosmetic dentists that remain on the cutting edge of dental technology. Advancements in digital technology and dental materials have made cosmetic dentistry more attainable than ever before. Our dentists’ advanced skill sets and natural eye for facial balance and aesthetics provide natural, beautiful results that withstand the test of time.

All cosmetic smile makeovers at Montclair Plaza Dental Office begin with a thorough oral health analysis. Cosmetic treatment plans are designed to meet your unique goals and concerns built to enhance the size, shape, and balance of your face. We help patients build healthy oral foundations that can sustain a lasting and beautiful smile.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Brighten discolored teeth
  • Fix teeth with gaps, chips, and cracks
  • Replace missing teeth
  • Restore teeth that have been damaged due to trauma and decay
  • Improves appearance of teeth and gums
  • Help align misshapen or crooked teeth

Smile Makeovers Montclair, CA

Improving the appearance of your smile can increase your confidence, and may even improve your social interactions. Healthy and beautiful smiles have been proven to be more appealing, enhancing your smile can take years off of your appearance.

For many patients, a smile makeover will incorporate both restorative and cosmetic treatments. Our dentists believe that by improving oral health and the stability of your bite and teeth you improve the appearance of the smile. Healthy and stable smiles are an essential foundation for a natural and beautiful aesthetic.

Whether you seek a subtle enhancement to boost your confidence or a dramatic smile makeover to address more complex concerns, we offer the personalized care you need for a beautiful, lasting result.

There are many options available to help you attain a gorgeous smile. Our cosmetic dentists will use one or a combination of treatments to help you restore the appearance of your smile. This will depend on what your goals are, what are you underlying dental issues are, and what your budget is. The cosmetic dental services we may include in your personalized treatment plan include:

Treating cosmetic dental concerns is a worthwhile investment in your oral health. Many common cosmetic dental concerns also present oral health concerns. Patients with cracked or chipped teeth are more likely to develop tooth decay while crooked teeth could cause an imbalanced bite leading to painful TMJ symptoms.

Cosmetic dental concerns include:

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If you have ever wished your smile was whiter, straighter, or just overall more balanced, consider learning more about your cosmetic smile makeover options. Montclair Plaza Dental Office offers a full scope of cosmetic solutions tailored to your unique facial aesthetic and dental health needs. To request a smile makeover consultation call our Montclair, CA dentist office at 909-920-0696 or request a consultation using our convenient online form.