Tooth Bonding Montclair, CA

Tooth Bonding An Overview

Tooth bonding can be used to address damaged teeth as well as a wide range of cosmetic dental concerns.

Tooth bonding is an economical alternative to porcelain veneers. Tooth bonding is a quick, effective treatment that is typically used to address minor to moderate dental concerns. If you have a more serious dental concern, like extremely worn or weakened teeth, a dental crown or veneer may be a better solution to increase strength and function.

Tooth bonding requires minimal to no tooth preparation. Since the treatment does not involve a dental lab, it can be completed in just one visit to Montclair Dental office. You can expect your results to last from three to ten years, depending on your level of care.

Tooth bonding can be used to:

Cosmetic dentist Dr. David Srikureja offers tooth bonding in our Montclair, CA dental office. Our tooth bonding material comes in a variety of tooth shades allowing us to color-match it with your natural teeth. When performed by a talented cosmetic dentist like Dr. Srikureja, it will be impossible to distinguish the bonded toot from your other teeth.  Tooth bonding can be an effective solution to address your dental concerns.


tooth bonding montclair ca

Tooth Bonding What to Expect

Bonded teeth can darken and absorb stain but they cannot be lightened. If you are considering teeth whitening, we recommend you do it before the procedure. This way we can color-match the bonding material with the whitened teeth. It is also a good idea to avoid smoking and dark beverages such as tea, coffee, and red wine to avoid staining your newly bonded teeth.

The tooth bonding procedure only takes about thirty minutes to an hour and can be done right in our Montclair, CA dental office. We will first clean the teeth or tooth that will be bonded. A clean, plaque-free surface is an important step to ensuring successful results. Depending on the condition of the affected teeth, Dr. Srikureja may need to remove a small amount of the surface structure. To accomplish this, he will apply a mild solution that will gently etch tiny pores in the tooth. This will create a rough surface that will allow the durable resin to bond sufficiently to your teeth.

Once the teeth are prepared, Dr. Srikureja will apply the composite resin material onto the affected surfaces, filling the tiny spores to create a strong bond. He will carefully mold the composite resin into the desired shape to blend with your surrounding teeth. Once the desired aesthetic is reached, the composite resin is cured using a special UV light. Once hardened, Dr. Srikureja will polish the teeth for a natural, beautiful luster.