Custom Mouthguard Montclair, CA

Mouthguards An Overview

Protect your teeth with a custom designed mouthguard.

Why is it so important to wear a mouthguard while playing sports? People who participate in contact sports are more likely to take blows to the face and mouth with a hand, ball, or stick. These blows can cause many injuries especially dental injuries. Not only are dental injuries painful and cause massive bleeding, but they are also every expensive to treat. The player’s teeth may fall out or the teeth can cause huge lacerations inside the mouth and many other injuries. Both of the above injuries involve emergency care which is very costly.

Mouthguards are an effective tool to utilize during physical activity and sports to avoid these types of injuries. But did you know that most store bought mouthguards are ineffective? Store bought mouthguards may not fit the teeth properly, therefore making them less effective during sports or physical activity.

Even though the boil and bite mouthguards seem like they are custom made and offer a greater amount of protection, this is not true. What they lack is the necessary amount of thickness to protect the teeth. They can also be easily chewed up by the athlete. Over the counter mouthguards require your mouth to be closed for maximum protection. This can make it difficult to breath and if you need to speak or yell, the mouthguard will likely fall out. This can also lead to tension in the jaw, face or neck.

Your general dentist, Dr. David Srikureja, offers custom-made mouthguards in our Montclair Plaza dental office. A custom designed mouthguard from a dentist office will fit more comfortably over the teeth acting as an extra layer of protection for your smile. Custom mouthguards allow for a perfect fit and reduced risk of falling out during physical activity or sports. They are made from actual impressions of your teeth and mouth for a precise fit.

Custom sports mouthguards are available for children and adults who participate in contact sports. To learn more about this option for protecting the health of your smile, ask your dentist during an upcoming visit or schedule an appointment in our Montclair office. We welcome new patients of all ages.


Affordable Custom Mouthguards in Montclair, California

Mouthguards What to Expect

Receiving a custom-made mouthguard will require only two visits to our Montclair Plaza dental office. Dr. David Srikureja will take impressions of your upper and lower teeth and mouth. The impressions are sent to our dental laboratory where they will be fabricated.

Once the mouthguard is returned to our Montclair plaza dental office, Dr. Srikureja will check the fit and design of the mouth guard to ensure a quality fit. Patients can then take their mouthguard home and enjoy the benefits of their custom-made oral appliance.

Get Your Mouthguard Before the Season Starts

No matter what your age, if you play high impact sports, a mouthguard can help protect your beautiful smile. You invest a lot of time and money into your and your children’s teeth and gum health therefor you should protect your investment with a custom fabricated sports mouthguard. To request an appointment to have a mouthguard made, call our Montclair, CA dentist office at 909-920-0696 or request a consultation using our convenient online form.

Mouthguards FAQs

Can mouthguards protect me from concussions?

No. There have been no conclusive studies that prove that a mouthguard of any type can protect a player from concussions. The best way to prevent concussions is still to wear a helmet and avoid huge hits during contact sports.

Can I use my custom mouthguard for teeth grinding?

No. Custom mouthguards are specifically made to protect your teeth from hits during sports play. They are not meant to absorb constant grinding of teeth. This can damage your sports mouthguard quickly and render it ineffective. If you need a guard for teeth grinding, consider getting a night guard.

Do mouthguards require special care?

Yes, but not as much as you think. You will need to rinse the mouthguard before and after every use. Before putting it away in a case for safe keeping, you should gently wash it with soap and water. There is no need for special cleaning products.