Laser Dentistry Montclair, CA

As dentistry evolves, state of the art dental technology and techniques are making their way to the forefront. In some cases, Laser Dentistry can replace the need for oral surgery. Laser dentistry is a less invasive, more precise solution used to address a wide selection of dental concerns. Laser dentistry reduces recovery and downtime and provides an ideal solution for periodontal disease and gum contouring. Dr. Srikureja uses BIOLASE Waterlase Laser Dentistry when appropriate, offering the best possible patient experience and results.

About Waterlase

Waterlase is one of the premier forms of dental lasers. This award winning piece of dental technology is safe and gentle on patients for optimal satisfaction. Waterlase uses a combination of air, water and laser energy to remove enamel, dentin, or soft tissue gently. With the continuous spray of water, your tooth will stay hydrated which prevents the heat from causing discomfort. Your treatment will be virtually pain free!

Waterless eliminates the need for drills which can be a source of fear for patients with dental anxiety. This laser technology is extremely precise, only removing the exact amount of tooth needed to get the job done. A traditional dental drill would require lots of grinding and drilling, which can cause the patient much discomfort. Since it is so precise and gentle, treatments that once required local anesthetic now do not. Also, this will shorten the amount of time you will spend in the dental chair. Your dentist can get all your dental needs done in a single visit.

laser dentistry montclair ca

Benefits of Laser Dentistry:

  • Laser dentistry is minimally invasive which promotes a quicker recovery time
  • With increased comfort during treatments, your dentist can perform all your dental needs in less visits
  • Can be used to remove cavities, contour the gums, and treat gum disease
  • Eliminates the need for dental drills and provide consistent, precise results
  • With better precision, less of the tooth is reduced
  • Local anesthetic is not necessary for some treatments anymore
  • Less swelling and bleeding
  • Less pain during treatments
  • Reduces the risk of infection and cross-contamination
  • No dental drills and no needles mean less anxiety for patients who fear going to the dentist

Laser Dentistry FAQ’s

Is laser deep cleaning painful?

There is often very little discomfort when undergoing a laser deep cleaning procedure. Additionally, most patients don’t need to undergo any anesthesia when sitting for a laser deep cleaning procedure.

Do gums ever grow back after having laser surgery?

After the gum tissue is removed, it will not grow back. Your gums their new shape and practicing good oral hygiene habits to keep the gums healthy and clean will see to it that they retain their new shape.

How long does laser surgery take to heal?

Typical healing times for laser gum surgery are around 2-4 weeks depending on the severity of the issue that was being treated. Recovery times may differ depending on the procedure itself.

Laser Dentistry in Montclair Plaza

Patients who receive laser dentistry can expect a minimally invasive and quick procedure. Patients can return to their daily activities after receiving laser dentistry. In addition to the many benefits of laser dentistry, Waterlase can be an excellent treatment solution for patients with dental fear and anxiety. Many of our patients have regained their oral health with this addition and the elimination of the dental drill that would buzz in their mouth causing anxiety. Waterlase is gentle, yet powerful, eliminating the need for loud, noisy drills. Dr. Srikureja will consult with you to determine if laser dentistry is applicable to your specific case. Dr. Srikureja will create a personalized treatment plan based on your need. 

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