All On Four Dental Implants Montclair, CA

All On Four An Overview

Montclair Plaza Dental Group offers a complete range of implant dentistry services, including All-On-Four implants. If you are missing a full arch or a complete set of teeth, All On Four can provide a permanent solution for your tooth loss. If you are searching for a more stable solution to traditional dentures, All On Four may be right for you.

Visit our Montclair, CA dentist office for a consultation. Our goal is to help you achieve a natural looking, long lasting solution for your missing teeth. Our highly trained team of dentists works with you every step of the way to address your needs and produce high-quality results.

Candidacy For All On Four

What’s revolutionary about the All On Four implant procedure is that it allows patients who weren’t ideal candidates for the traditional implant procedure the opportunity to receive dental implants. For instance, patients with compromised bone structures or poor dental health were typically ineligible for dental implants. With All On Four, those patients can now receive implants and get one step closer to smiling confidently again.

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Can All On Four Benefit Me?

Not only is All On Four an effective solution for replacing lost teeth, but it also offers several other dental health benefits. When choosing All On Four, keep these benefits in mind:

  • A long-lasting, stable solution for lost teeth. Strategically placed dental implants are used to support a partial denture or a full denture.
  • Patients experience improved confidence and self-esteem. Traditional dentures often slip, causing embarrassing or uncomfortable social situations. With All On Four, you can eat, speak, smile and laugh without worry of slippage.
  • They eliminate the need for bone grafting.
  • Can help offset bone loss and shrinkage in the jaw.
  • They are easier to maintain compared to traditional dentures.

In some cases, it may be possible to replace all your missing teeth in a day with All On Four implant system. Our team of dentist will work with you to explore your options and present the best solution for your smile.

All On Four What to Expect

To ensure your implant process is successful, we use state of the are digital technology in the treatment planning and surgical aspects of your process. Prior to your treatment, we will evaluate the over condition of your teeth, gums, bone structure, and surrounding area to find the most suitable placement for your implants.

During your evaluation, we will asses your overall oral health. If you need teeth extracted, or need treatment for gum disease or tooth decay, we will address these issues before your implant surgery. Beginning the implant process on a structurally healthy smile is important.

During the All On Four procedure, our dentists may uses as few as four strategically placed implants to secure your dentures. Once a treatment plan is set in place, we will place your implants and attach a temporary restoration. In many cases, implants will need several months to fuse with the jaw bone fully. Once the implants heal, we will remove your tempory restoration and attach your custom designed restoration for a long lasting, natural looking result.

To determine if All On Four implants are right for you, schedule a consultation to our Montclair, CA dentist office.