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Dentures & Partials An Overview

Dentures are used to replace a full arch of missing teeth. They are custom made artificial teeth used to replace the missing teeth and some of the gum tissue. They are made from high-quality state of the art dental materials that look and function like natural teeth in a dental lab with impressions of your mouth. Dentures can be removable or fixed into place using dental implants. Dentures are designed to fit comfortably and snugly in the mouth, creating a beautiful solution for missing teeth. With recent advancements in dentistry, dentures can now be secured using dental implants for a more stable solution for missing teeth.

Dr. David Srikureja places dentures and partials in our Montclair Plaza dental office. Using advanced techniques and state-of-the-art dental technology, Dr. Srikureja can create high-quality dentures that offer a natural, stable result. Dr. Srikureja works with each patient one on one to design custom-made dentures that fit their natural smile.

Implant Secured Dentures

Dentures can be permanently bonded into place using dental implants that have been surgically implanted in to the jaw. Implant secured dentures offer increased comfort, support, and function. Patients can enjoy the benefits of a secure, natural-looking tooth replacement option.

Benefits of Implant Secured Dentures:

  • Improved bite function
  • No slippage or fear of teeth falling out
  • Reduce bone loss and shrinkage in the jaw
  • Prevents facial sagging due to missing teeth
  • Increased gum health
  • Helps prevent gum recession
  • No need for the use of daily adhesives

Dr. Srikureja is a highly skilled restorative dentist. After a thorough examination and consultation, Dr. Srikureja can determine if implant secured dentures are right for you. In most cases, we can perform all aspects of the dental implant process in-house in our Montclair Plaza dental office.

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Dentures & Partials What to Expect

Dr. Srikureja offers traditional dentures and implant-secured dentures. After a comprehensive exam and thorough analysis of the bite, Dr.Srikureja will determine which treatment option is right for your oral health.

Dentures can restore missing teeth and enable patients to eat, drink, and speak comfortably. Dr. Srikureja will coordinate all aspects of denture procedure. Impressions of the teeth are taken and sent to a dental lab for fabrication. Patients are given temporary dentures while their final restoration is fabricated.  After the fabrication of your custom designed dentures, Dr. Srikureja will check the size and fit to ensure a comfortable, natural looking result.

Traditional dentures do require daily care and maintenance. In the beginning, it will take some time to get used to wearing them. The may feel uncomfortable because they cover a large portion of your mouth depending on the type you need. Unfortunately for some people, artificial teeth may slip around or may not fit correctly which can lead to issues with eating and the fear of them falling out.

For implant secured dentures: In some cases, your Montclair Plaza dentist will be able to place your dental implants in-house. Once the dental implants are surgically attached, patients will need to wait for a few months for them to fully heal. Once healed, impressions of the teeth are taken and sent to a lab. During the final appointment, the final restoration is sized, fitted, and secured.

Dentures & Partials FAQs

What should I do if I have a broken denture?

If your denture is damaged in any way, stop using it and visit our dentist office for a repair or a new denture. Damaged dentures can cause more harm to your mouth if worn incorrectly. They can cause lacerations, damage to your gums, and infections.

Does your face change with dentures?

Yes, your face may change after getting dentures. Fortunately, it is usually for the better. Implant-supported dentures can actually keep your facial structure from prematurely sagging. Implant dentures will have you looking younger, promote jawbone stability and even growth.

Can I get dentures the same day I get teeth extracted?

You will receive temporary dentures (same-day dentures) to wear before we can create your final custom denture. They are a place-holder that will prevent your gums from receding before we can place your final restoration.

Can anyone get dentures?

Yes, just about anyone can qualify for dentures. Before getting them, your dentist will evaluate your mouth and recommend that any underlying issues, such as gum disease, be treated first. This will create a healthy foundation for your dentures, and ensure a lasting result.